Extraordinary scholarships for excellent students of doctoral study programmes realized in the English language for academic year 2019/2020

Rector of the University of Economics, Prague offers scholarships to students in the first year of full-time doctoral study programmes realized in the English language, who can meet the following requirements:

  • Significant co-authorship on two high-quality peer-reviewed articles in the given field of study published in journals included in WOS or SCOPUS databases;
  • high-quality research activities (e.g. contributions to scientific conferences, participating on international projects etc.);
  • recommendation letter from previous studies or job.

The scholarship will be awarded to up to two students. The amount of scholarship is 150 000 CZK a year per student.

Awarded scholarship will be divided into four quarterly installments, which are conditioned by submitting a Report on Research Activities that is to be approved by a supervisor. The Report will contain information about specific results that has been produced during the preceding period of time and how the student contributed to the development and improvement of the faculty or department’s research activities. The Report will be evaluated by the Vice-dean for Science and approved by the Vice-rector for Science and Research. If the results are not satisfactory, the scholarship may be removed.

Applications in the English language are to be submitted to the Office for Science and Research between 20th September and 15th October 2019.

Applications will be evaluated by a selection committee, whose members – usually the Vice-rector for Science and Research and Vice-deans from each of the faculties – are appointed by the Rector. After evaluation, the committee will propose to the rector an order of applicants together with recommendations to award scholarship to them or not. The proposal of the committee is not binding and the scholarship does not have to be awarded.

The Rector awards the scholarship for one academic year.

The scholarship can be awarded only during the standard duration of a study programme.