Information about the entrance examination

After successfully applying for admission and meeting all the requirements you will receive an invitation to sit the entrance exam.

Each faculty has its own requirements for the entrance exams which usually consists of an exam of the major specialization and a language exam. For more information see Information on the Entrance Examination valid for academic year 2020/2021.

Please be aware that as we are currently going through the re-accreditation process, the information may change, new programmes may be opened etc. 


The date and time of the entrance exam will be specified by study coordinators. The usual date is in late June, in some cases it is possible to attend the alternative date in September. Please contact the study coordinator to consult the possibility of attending the exam on the alternative date.

A second round of applications for all the programmes of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics has been announced. The applications are to be submitted until 31 August 2020.