In order to sit the entrance exams it is necessary to fill in and send an application. Applications are to be submitted in electronic form; an appendix together with all the necessary enclosures are to be submitted in paper form.

Applications for doctoral studies are available from 1 April until 29 May 2020. The second round of applications for the programmes of the Faculty of Informatics and statistics is being accepted until 31 August 2020.

Applications are to be submitted in an electronic form and can be found at


An application fee is charged for applying. The amount of the fee for academic year 2020/21 it is 50 €*. You will receive all the necessary information concerning the payment to your email address after submitting your application.

* The admission fee is not refunded in the event of the applicant not sitting the exams. The admission fee is also not refunded if recognition of diploma is rejected.



The documents that are to be sent in paper form consist of:

  1. Short curriculum vitae,
  2. List of publications with a short annotation and possibly an expert’s reference attached,
  3. Scientific paper on the intended topic in accordance with the requirements of the given faculty (for more information see Information on the entrance examination)

Above mentioned documents are to be sent to study coordinators for doctoral study at the chosen faculty. Names of study coordinators can be found here.