Basic information for applicants

The PhD study programme aims to educate young researchers who can contribute to the various disciplines under their chosen field. PhD candidates acquire an extended knowledge from their field of study, as well as from the disciplines essential for the scientific work in academia, i.e. deep knowledge of theory, research methodology and design or quantitative/qualitative research methods.

This allows the graduates to apply for a job not only in academia or research in general, but also in business areas where the scientific or evidence-based approach is required.

It also prepares the PhD candidates for work on scientific and research activities by directly participating in research projects and publishing achieved results in the form of articles in scientific journals or presenting them on Czech or international conferences.

The graduates are able to:

  • contribute to and further extend the knowledge in their chosen field,
  • take advantage of the knowledge of state of the art in the given field and to use it for further scientific contribution, education, or business practice,
  • work in both scientific and research institutions, at universities and other teaching positions in academia, senior management positions in business, or public administration bodies where independent creative work and exact thinking is required.


Academic Year 2021/2022

The online application form will be accessible from 1 April 2021.

The deadline for applications including all obligatory enclosures and other required documents for all the PhD programmes is 30 May 2021.

The Faculty of Business Administration also has application period from 15 September to 31 October for a programme starting in February of the following year; the entrance exam takes place in the first half of November 2021. 

The Faculty of Informatics and Statistics also has a second round of application period from 1 July until 29 of August (for studies starting in September 2021), and another application period in November/December for programmes starting in February of the following year. The entrance exam in this case takes place in December/January (exact date can be found on the faculty website or in the invitation letter sent by the study coordinators).

Awarded degree: Ph.D.
Programme duration: standard duration is 4 years;
maximum duration is 5 years
Starting date: October (or February for some programmes)
Tuition fee: 5000 EUR/academic year


At Prague University of Economics and Business you can choose from 5 faculties which are offering a variety of 9 study programmes. Most of the study programmes can be studied either in English or in the Czech language.

All the programmes are offered in two modes of study:

  1. Full-time mode – students attend the consultations and workshops, take part in research work and teaching activities and perform other duties according to the Study and Examination Regulations.
  2. Distance/combined mode – students are expected to work on their own to a large extent, therefore they do not attend the lectures or seminars daily, only meet their tutors for consultations and to sit the exams.

More about the offered study programmes can be found in Doctoral Studies Brochure