Research Stays at VŠE

Apart from the usual admission to degree programmes, it is also possible for foreign PhD students to come for a shorter period of time (from 1 month to 1 year) to do a part of their research here, to consult with our academic staff, to attend subjects of their interest, or for networking.

The stay here is on condition that the foreign PhD students can find a suitable supervisor from among our members of academic staff. This supervisor should be someone familiar with your topic of interest with whom you can consult. If such a person is not available here, visiting is not possible.

Basic requirements

To come here as a visiting PhD student, you need to be a student of a doctoral study programme. It is preferable if you are a student of economics, informatics, management, or other related study fields. However, as long as your research topic is from these branches of study and we have a suitable supervisor, you are welcome.

There are no official language requirements, but we recommend having a knowledge of English language at B2 level, at least, to be able to communicate with your supervisor, study referent and other members of our staff.

What is necessary for the application?

Firstly, you need to contact us. Tell us how long you wish to stay, if you are interested in taking some subjects here or if you just want to do a part of your research here, and – the most important thing – what your topic of interest is, so that we could look for a suitable supervisor. A short annotation or a title of intended dissertation will be appreciated.

Then we will try to find the most suitable supervisor from among our academics, who would be available for consultations. Once such a person is found, your visit is possible.


If you are interested in taking some courses here during your stay, let us know. All the courses accredited in doctoral study programmes can be held in the English language, so it is up to you what you prefer to choose, although it is recommended to discuss your choice with your supervisor. A majority of courses is held in the form of consultations; lectures and seminars are not so common. Be aware that for participating in a subject, your stay must be at least one semester long. Also, be aware that a fee is charged for taking up study subjects.


The easiest way for you, as a visiting student, is to stay at our student dormitory, which is located about 20 minutes away, by tram. More info about the dormitory can be found here.

If you are interested in this option, let us know. Once you are registered in our internal information system, you can apply for a room at our dormitories.


If you are not from a member state of the European Union, you are required to obtain a visa for your stay as well as health insurance. Citizens of some states are exempt from the visa requirement for a shorter period of stay (up to 90 days) – see information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic and/or

If, in fact, you are required to obtain a visa, after successful negotiation with an intended supervisor and the approval of the head of the department, you will be sent an acceptance letter and proof of accommodation, i.e. confirmation that we provide accommodation for you, which will help you get a visa (only in the case that you choose to stay In our dormitory – otherwise you need confirmation from the place you intend to stay at). More information about visa and health insurance can be found on the Admission Office website.

Financial matters

Unfortunately, we do not provide scholarships for visiting students. You can use scholarship from your home university or you can try applying through Ceepus as a member of a partner universities network or even as a free-mover.