Doctoral Studies

The most suitable way to start with research is through doctoral studies, which primarily focus on research activities conducted in  collaboration with the supervisor and the department team, it is not a traditional classroom-based learning. For your dissertation, you will choose a topic that you want to explore in depth and then continue with additional research activities such as writing academic articles, presenting at conferences, or participating in research projects.

Prague University of Economics and Business offers 9 doctoral programs with a standard duration of 4 years and a maximum duration of 5 years. You can study in either full-time or part-time form, with full-time students also partially participating in teaching and department operations.

What benefits can you expect from doctoral studies?

    1. Individual approach and a wide range of topics that interest you
    2. Engaging in meaningful work
    3. Experienced supervisors who involve you in publication activities and research projects and help you succeed
    4. Financial support not only in the form of a doctoral scholarship but also rewards for high-quality publications
    5. Research support through faculty workshops, colloquia, or conferences
    6. Building a network of contacts and possibly gaining international experience

Are you interested in the possibilities of doctoral studies at Prague University of Economics and Business? Check out more information, including the application process:

Specific University Research: How to Participate in the Internal Grant Competition?

For doctoral students, we offer the opportunity to obtain funding for research activities within the Internal Grant Competition, which falls under specific university research. You can learn more about the conditions of the grant competition in the following section of the website:

Internal Grant Competition

Research stays

For international doctoral students there are also opportunities for short-term research stays (from 1 month to 1 year) at the University of Economics, Prague. These stays allow doctoral students to conduct part of their research, consult with academic staff, take courses of their interest, or establish contacts.

Research stays