Habilitation and Professor Appointment Procedures

The procedure for the appointment of Associate Professors and Professors at VSE is set by the Higher Education Act and by the Regulations for the Habilitation Procedure and the Procedure for the Appointment of Professors at VSE. Documents submitted by an applicant in order to initiate the respective procedure are listed in the Annexes to the Regulations.

In order to start the procedure of appointment, applicants have to fulfil strict internal criteria concerning teaching, research and publication activities as well as to meet the requirements set by the Regulations. Internal criteria are defined in the evaluation methodology issued as a Rector’s directive – Assessment Guidelines Applicable to the Habilitation Procedure and the Professor Appointment Procedure at the Prague University of Economics and Business. 

Here you can find a list of accredited fields at VSE for habilitation and professor appointment procedures. 

The fee applicable to the Habilitation Procedure is CZK 10,000 and the fee applicable to the Professor Appointment Procedure is CZK 15,000. Detailed information regarding payment is available here.


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