Faculty of Management

Topics for dissertation theses are not strictly given. Students usually tend to have an idea of own research topic, which they modify in accordance with their supervisor. According to requirements, it is necessary to consult a chosen topic with the potential supervisor before filing the application to study. Applicants also need to have confirmed that the chosen supervisor has spare capacity and is willing to supervise the student with the chosen research topic. List of supervisors can be found at the Faculty website.

If you already have an idea of the focus of your research work and don’t know exactly which professor or associate professor to choose to be your supervisor, it is recommended that you consult it with the head of the relevant department:

  • Department of management (management of public and private sector, marketing, taxes etc.) – head of the department: Ing. Jiří Dvořák, Ph.D., dvorakji@fm.vse.cz
  • Department of exact methods (informatics, statistics, mathematics, decision theory, optimization methods and applicating the mentioned disciplines into management) – head of the department: Ing. Vladimír Přibyl, Ph.D., pribyl@fm.vse.cz
  • Department of social sciences (psychology, sociology, law, economics, soft skills respectively and their applicating into management) – head of the department: Ing. Jiří Vopátek, Ph.D, vopatek@fm.vse.cz