Applied Informatics

The doctoral study programme focuses on education of theoretically and practically well-prepared professionals with global overview of individual subfields of informatics, capable of conceptual thinking when creating and using information systems and of bridging between the users’ goals and requirements and the possibilities of information technology. Central research topics of the programme are: relationship between the economic environment and informatics; IS/IT as a tool for competitiveness of an organisation; business information strategy; the role of system integrators; various IS/IT architectures; outsourcing in informatics, etc. The field also covers modern software development methodologies (such as agile approaches) and advanced techniques of data processing (knowledge discovery from databases and web, integration of semantically described data etc.).

The doctoral study is primarily aimed at successful elaboration and defence of a high-standard doctoral thesis, in which theoretical knowledge including an overview of world trends is combined with practical findings. The high professional quality of the PhD students is mainly achieved through their involvement in research projects of the individual departments, including international cooperation. Successful graduates can find their place within universities, large corporations, but also in public administration. Beside solid familiarity with concrete information technologies they are also characterized by their interdisciplinary view, exact thinking and the capability to formulate and manage complex tasks accomplished in a team collaboration.

Compulsory courses:

  • IT_910 Research Methods for Managers

Elective courses:
The PhD candidate chooses two subjects taught by informatics departments, i.e. with IDs starting by IT (taught by KIT), IZI (taught by KIZI), or SA (taught by KSA), excluding subjects IT_911 and SA_909 (which are offered only as optional), on recommendation of the supervisor, according to the following rules:
– one subject taught by a different department than the one where student’s supervisor works
– one subject taught by the same department as the one where student’s supervisor works (in case their supervisor does work in any of the departments at the faculty).

The list of courses from which the student chooses in the Elective courses group is as follows:

  • IT_902 IS/ICT Architectures
  • IT_904 Strategic Management of Information Systems
  • IT_905 Conceptual Modelling
  • IZI901 Information and Knowledge System Theory
  • IZI904 Knowledge Acquisition Methods
  • IZI905 KDD – principles, examples and trends
  • SA_902 Social Aspects of Information Technology
  • SA_903 Information Systems Quality Management
  • SA_906 Information Security Management Systems

Optional courses:
Upon agreement with their supervisor the PhD candidate chooses other one to three courses relevant to the doctoral thesis (see the list of accredited subjects for doctoral study). The course(s) may also be taught by informatics departments, in addition to chosen elective courses.

Foreign languages courses for doctoral study programme are offered by the language departments.

PhD candidate performs other duties in accordance with the Study and Examination Rules and the Individual Study Plan and the Regulation of the Dean of the Faculty.

In accordance with the Study and Examination Rules, PhD students also have to record in their Individual Study Plan following duties in a form of subjects:

  • 4OPP Dissertation project defence
  • 4DVC1 Research I
  • 4DVC2 Research II
  • 4SDZAI Doctoral State Examination
  • 4MO Small defence
  • 4ODDP Dissertation Defence


More information available at the website of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics.