Statement of the Prague University of Economics and Business on the Article about Predatory Journals

The Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE) has distanced itself from predatory journals for many years. The mention of VŠE in the article about predatory journals by Daniel Münich, published on Seznam Zprávy and, refers to completely outdated data and is therefore significantly misleading.

The Faculty of Business Administration holds prestigious international accreditations EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA, known as the triple crown. Its study programs regularly rank high in the prestigious global Financial Times business school rankings and it is active in international research projects such as Horizon Europe.

As Associate Professor Münich knows well, because he has access to data in the IDEA application, the proportion of FPH VŠE’s publications in predatory journals in recent years is negligible and, compared to many other universities, the number of publications in publishers like MDPI, which churn out thousands of articles annually with suspiciously fast peer review processes, is also much lower.

The entire VŠE has unequivocally distanced itself from this practice, as evidenced by the statement from the VŠE Vice Deans’ Council for Science and Research. Unfortunately, Associate Professor Münich does not address this current and much more significant topic, and the stance from RVVI is not sufficiently clear either.