The main goal the doctoral study programme is the education of top-ranking researchers and specialists with profound statistics education, knowledge of foreign and domestic literature and with ability to participate in challenging applications at solving important macroeconomic, financial, corporate and other problems. Teaching in doctoral study programme of Statistics is to give the PhD candidates an opportunity to study difficult field of statistics with stress on contemporary development of statistics theory as well as to inform them about new application possibilities and access to data analysis concerning foreign contemporary trends in this field. Such qualified graduates are highly demanded in the labour market and thus have a very good and wide opportunities.

Professional level of pedagogues participating in teaching process of students at doctoral study programme of Statistics, as well as a relatively large number of professors and associate professors, enable to offer also a number of specialised and broadly aimed optional subjects besides the compulsory ones.

Doctoral study programme of Statistics broadens the offer of specialized study in the sphere in which there is a clear lack of young, highly qualified professionals. Graduates should assert themselves not only within public statistics service, but also as qualified experts desired by those institutions which require not only professional knowledge of statistics and exact way of thinking, but also the ability to formulate more complex tasks, perfect knowledge of work with statistics computer products and detailed economic knowledge.

Compulsory courses:

  • STP903 Sample Surveys
  • STP904 Multivariate Statistical Methods
  • STP921 Time Series and Regression
  • MIE901 Microeconomics Analysis (Microeconomics 3)

Optional courses:
Upon agreement with their supervisor the PhD candidate chooses other one through three courses relevant to the doctoral thesis.

Foreign languages courses for doctoral study programme are offered by the language departments.

PhD candidate performs other duties in accordance with the Study and Examination Rules and the Individual Study Plan and the Regulation of the Dean of the Faculty (

In accordance with the Study and Examination Rules, PhD students also have to record in their Individual Study Plan following duties in a form of subjects:

  • 4OPP Dissertation project defence
  • 4DVC1 Research I
  • 4DVC2 Research II
  • 4SDZST Doctoral State Examination
  • 4MO Small defence
  • 4ODDP Dissertation Defence


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