Overall aims of CWER are:

  1. Keep scholarly debate on work, workplace, and related processes within in sync with workplace changes. CWER conducts theoretical and empirical workplace research and produces academic papers that seek publication in subject related peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes and monographs.
  2. Knit relations with other workplace research networks within the region of Central Europe, in a broader European and global context.
  3. Work closely with the industry and respond to policy makers’ relevant inquiries to enhance relevant policy mechanisms both at local and European level.

Research themes of CWER:

  • Human-centered workplace: human capital, productivity and associated tensions, work-related identities.
  • Physical workplace: workplace design and structure of workplaces.
  • Digital workplace: digital twinning, the use of XR technologies, digital work environments.
  • Methodology: workplace ethnography, digital ethnography, incorporating VR tools in ethnography.

#Workplace research, #Workspaces, #Places of work

Representatives of the research team

Marko Orel

Marko Orel

Department head

Ivana Lukeš Rybanská

Ivana Lukeš Rybanská

Top publications of the team

  • Orel, M., Mariotti, I., & Zhurbas, V. (2024). Experiencing disruption and transformation of communal environments: War’s influence on Ukrainian coworking spaces. European Journal of Cultural Studies, Forthcoming.
  • Orel, M., Mayerhoffer, M., & Chytkova, Z. (2023). “We were working together, apart”: Shifting fundamentals of pandemic disrupted coworking environments. European Management Journal. Forthcoming.
  • Orel, M. (2023). Autoethnography in the modern workplace: a reflexive journey. Journal of Organizational Ethnography, (ahead-of-print).

Selected research projects

  • Horizon (Remote-Working Multiple Impacts in the Age of Disruptions) / 2024 – 2027
  • Erasmus KA2 (Coworking for EU) / 2022 – 2025
  • SPIN/Eutopia Alliance (Research on the Microphysics of Conflict in Coworking Spaces) / 2024 – 2026


Center for Workplace Research – Prague University of Economics and Business (